A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

It's the story about a scientist. He had a beautifull fly spaceship. He could became bigger and bigger.

But there was a mistake ... Instead of becoming bigger and bigger, he became smaller and smaller !

Now the professor Albert (alias "Doctor Supertronic") is trapped in his flying machine and have to survive !

But he isn't alone ! His cat, the fabulous "Super Pizza Cat" is trapped in another one flying machine (what a twist !)

Install instructions

First version in the list is compressed in ".zip", second is in ".7zip".The files are the sames. Juste take the one you prefer.

To run the game, extract it, run "index.html" with "Internet Explorer" or "Firefox".

Accept the error message, we won't take your personnal information (we promise, if we do, forgive us... Please ._.).


TheUnexpectedAdventuresOfDoctorSupertronicFlyingMachine.zip 4 MB
TheUnexpectedAdventuresOfDoctorSupertronicFlyingMachine.7z 4 MB